NOVember 10, 2017

“A case study in less-is-more, Philly rockers Alright Junior keep things contained to the time-honored rock and roll elements — guitar, bass, drums, voice — and in the process, they sound massive.”


September 2017

“Only a handful of bands in Philly have become household names. Alright Junior is one of them... If you’ve never heard the name before, remember it. One of my all-time favorite bands in our area and I am still shocked they’re unsigned. Someone please sign this band.”


OCTOBER 24, 2016

“If you’re one of the 90s kids on my Facebook feed mourning the death of the golden era of rock music, you’re just not looking in the right places. Red-blooded alt-rock is alive and well, and Philadelphia’s Alright Junior is a prime example of that.”


OCTOBER 4, 2016

“Way to go guys. This EP lets go of all inhibition. It’s dangerously honest, and sometimes raw. Tight interwoven arrangements, a kick-ass rhythm section, and consistently original songwriting gives us a very nice glimpse of what’s to come from Alright Junior.”



“Thanks to Jace Miller for giving me a chance to listen to Inhibition ahead of it’s release date. This is a band you should check out. Alright Junior knows how to write songs. Their music is emotional, moving and pulls you in right away. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Alright Junior for a few years now and it’s been great watching them become stronger with every release. The chemistry of the band is very apparent in the new album. Hold On To My Breath Again really stood out to me.”

Markus In The Darkus, 93.3FM WMMR


SEPTEMBER 19, 2016

“Alright Junior has set expectations high. Whether it’s the hooky “Over You Over Me,” the pseudo-acoustic, “Hold On to My Breath Again” (a personal favorite of the author’s), or bluesy rave up “In Pain,” Inhibition is game for the task of continuing the band along its upward trajectory, and — for newcomers — a fine entry into a catalogue of increasing quality.”


JUNE 7, 2014

“Alright Junior were back at it again at the first Radio 104.5 Summer Block Party hosted at Festival Pier this past weekend. Check out a full set of photos below from the stage to the soundboard to the photo pit!”


MAY 2013

The Examiner | The Independent Voice of Southeast Texas

“We are genuine to a fault and our live show captures every bit of that.”


AUGUST 3, 2012

Alright Junior opening for Our Lady Peace at the TLA in Philadelphia, PA.


MAY 13, 2012

Photos of Alright Junior at Festival Pier in Philadelphia, PA, opening for Incubus, Cake, Civil Twilight, and Flogging Molly for the Radio 104.5 5th Birthday Show.


OCTOBER 26, 2011

Photos of Alright Junior at The Electric Factory opening for Circa Survive.



Review of “Burn”, from our LP, Scratching at The Ceiling by Leslie Bialik, Music Promoter

“This song is outstanding. After I read your bio, I was expecting quite a lot and you lived up to it. I can certainly hear your influences (and I’d add Dave Grohl to the list), but you really sound very much like yourselves. The vocalist is tremendous. He’s got a unique style and a unique voice and has definite vocal chops. He’s dynamic, expressive and emotive, true to the lyrics. But really, each band member is a superior musician in his own right. The playing was aggressive and confident and gave the song a lot of drive.”


JULY 2011

Review of “Fish vs. Ambulance”, from our LP, Our Temporary Everything by Holly Hutchison – ex Capitol Records | Atlantic Records A+R, now independent

“The music has that great sense of urgency energy to it that I love to feel and hear. I think the song is well written. I like the vocals and the entire delivery. These guys need to keep at it. I think they’re on to something. The songs make me wonder what a live show is like. They’d have to blow it out with a tight, raw and energy-driven set with a lot of excitement to carry over these songs.”


JULY 2011

“I would describe Alright Junior as beautiful melodies, mixed with thought provoking lyrics, tied together by the threads of tangled guitars being dragged about by the rhythms of an incendiary drummer.”


JULY 7, 2011

Photos of Alright Junior at The Piazza at Schmidt’s Commons opening for Young the Giant for the Radio 104.5 Summer Block Party.


Campus Philly | Nonprofit Organization in the Greater Philadelphia Tri-State Region

“Our Temporary Everything” Record Release Review

“If you have any idea of how rock music is supposed to be played, you will truly appreciate Alright Junior.”



“...all the spasmodic moves of an undomesticated bronco.”



Phrequency at

"After Murderhouse’s brooding set, Philly favorites Alright Junior take the stage. A post-grunge act with a touch of emo, Alright Junior offer beautifully-arranged frenetic rock songs, doused with passion and finished off with a heavy dose of head thrashing.

Lead singer Jace Miller is a born performer, and gestures frantically, grabs the microphone for dear life, and at one point even dives into the audience, almost knocking over an unsuspecting spectator. The entire band is all over the stage, thrashing harder than any band I’ve seen. I’m struck by the comparison of children on a Moonbounce."



"I was already having fun halfway through their soundcheck, and from the second they started playing, to the end of their set, I was hooked and entertained."



“Eudaemonic” Record Review

"From start to finish, this rock outfit is an intense tour de force. You can always feel the energy behind their music, even during the slower songs. The guitar riffs pick you up and cast you into the front row of a packed concert. Each listen of the album unveils something that you haven’t heard before. Alright Junior is definitely a breath of fresh air and their music offers little repetition. You can definitely hear the talent radiating through the band’s music. Jace Miller and Steve DeMeo provide powerhouse guitar chords, Greg J’s bass is pulse-pounding, and Mike Fraclose never misses a beat on the drums. This album is absolutely recommended."